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Seth is a busy little boy who gives hugs and kisses when you can catch him.  His nickname is "Butch" because he is a bit of a bully.   Any item that is not tied down is his to swing.  He has an adorable smile and is very hard to keep up with.  Being 5 years old, he has a bad temper (from his dad's side of the family) with an "angelic" disposition (from his mom's side of the family).  He started school this year (2003) and is enjoying every minute of it.  Seth has many girlfriends and he thinks that's really cool! 
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Seth Thomas York

January 22, 1998
Busy little Butch with a mind of his own.
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Captain Seth.
Look out, here I come!
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I am too cute!

Me and my teacher
Ms. Warzyn

My mom, sister Jessica, and me under the waterfall at Deadwood Res.
Click here to see a picture of me eating a green pea sandwich.