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Jessica is a busy little girl who always has time to give hugs and kisses.  Her nickname is "Dennis the Menace" because she is very curious.   Every button, switch, or knob is at her mercy.  She gets into everything and loves to read, dress up, cook, play with Cooper, but most of all bug her little brother, Seth. Sometimes it is hard to keep up with her. 
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Jessica Shelby York
Born June 15, 1996
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Jessica and me
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Jessica and her beautiful mommy and handsome daddy   Becky, Shane, and Jessica York
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Almost three years old here, she is a beautiful, busy, happy little girl!  Her nickname is "Dennis the Menace"

My mom and my brother and me (sitting down) hiking in the forest looking for gold

My new puppy Cooper.

Me and my teacher Ms. Hash
Click here to see a video of me riding a sheep at the county fair in 2003
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