In loving memory of my mother,
Genevieve Dewey
Born September 9, 1914
Died March 19, 2001

As the Heart Remembers Spring
Betty W. Stoffel

Some will be remembered for the fortunes of their fame,
And some will be remembered for the naming of a name.

But you will be remembered as the heart remembers spring,
As the mind remembers beauty, and the soul each loving thing.

You have been skies of April and fragrant breath of May,
And like the season's coming, warm-spirited and gay.

You have given freely of the beauty of your heart,
And you have made of friendship not a gesture but an art.

You have been as selfless in the gracious things you do
As the sun that shares its kisses, as the night that shares its dew.

You have planted roses in lives that lay so bare;
You have sown encouragement to those who knew despair.

By spirit's inner beauty in every lovely thing,
You will be remembered as the heart remembers spring!

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