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Animal Physiology

Zoology 310

Lab 1-Sept. 5: ADAM Interactive Physiology CD on the Urinary System

Lab 2-Sept. 10: Cancelled

Lab 3-Sept. 12: The Pee Lab

Lab 4-Sept. 19:  Cancelled

Lab 5:   Introduction to the Nervous System via the ADAM CD

Lab 6-Sept. 24: Action Potential Experiments

Lab 7-Sept. 26: Calculation of Action Potential Conduction Velocity in the Human Ulnar Nerve

Lab 8-Oct. 1: Computer Simulation of Synaptic Function
Lab 9 Oct. 3: The Autonomic Nervous System and Polygraphy
Lab 10 Oct. 8: Vicarious Brain Surgery: Surgeon 3
Lab 11 Oct. 10: Muscle Physiology: you start here with the ADAM Muscle CD
Lab 12 Oct 17: Cancelled
Lab 13 Oct. 22: Recording Contraction of Human Skeletal Muscle with MacLab
Lab 14 Oct. 24:  ADAM Cardiovascular CD
Lab 15 Oct. 29: The EKG and Blood Pressure
Lab 16 Oct. 31: Scanning Electron Microscopy of Gills (Steelhead and Mussel)
Lab 17 Nov. 5: Thin Layer Chromatography for Identification of Steroid Hormones
Lab 18 Nov. 7:  Blood Cells of Birds and Fish (Chickens and Rainbow Trout)
Lab 19 Nov 12:  Active Transport of Na by the Isolated Frog Skin
Lab 20 Nov 14:  Recording Action Potentials in Giant Axons of Lumbriculus Variegatus
Lab 21 Nov 26:  ADAM Respiration CD
Lab 22 Nov 28:  An Examination of Your Repiratory System
Lab 23 Dec 3:  DNA Sexing of Geese
Lab 24 Dec 10:  Glory Enough for All
Lab 25 Dec 12:  Respiration & Metabolism in Trout

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