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LAB 22 - An Examination of Your Repiratory System


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The Recording Spirometer
The respiratory system is mainly contained in two lungs. The Collins Recording Spirometer is used to test lung function, based on one exhalation. Spirometry will show, at the time of examination, if there is any obstruction or restriction present within the respiratory system. Restrictive impairment refers to the inability to fill the lungs as fully as the normal for your age, sex, and height. An extreme example is polio, the disease which paralyzed the respiratory muscles, > zero vital capacity. Obstructive lung disease refers to a relative inability to draw air into and out of the lung. A typical example, is asthma in which the critical respiratory passages, the bronchioles, are obstructed. People who exercise frequently usually have larger lung capacity than those who are primarily inactive. People who exercise frequently usually have larger lung capacity than those who are primarily inactive. The purpose of this lab was to determine the functional capacity of the lungs, basic ventilation studies are performed using a spirometer.

Rinse a breathing tube with alcohol to sterilize it. Then,enter your data on the spirometer computer. After you hit the FVC (forced vital capacity = the volume of air that can be exhaled after maximum inspiration, as rapidly and completely as possible.) key, breathe in as deeply as you can and blow all of the air out as rapidly as possible into the tube. The rate of exhaled air flow is the critical parameter in judging presence or absence of obstructive lung disease. When the computer asks you to save? answer yes, and the spirometer will spit out a report.

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Spirometer computer - used to entered in your data.

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Collins recording Spirometer - administers a lung function test based on one exhalation.


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Here is the printout of my Spirometer report.  The report suggests mild restricted airways. My FVC (forced vital capacity) value was 77% of the normal based on my height, age, and sex.


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